Monday, 4 September 2017

The Future of Digital Fabric Printing in India!

Digital printing on fabric is in demand nowadays. ​Fabric printing can be understood as the process of applying various colored patterns as well as designs onto fabric. One or more colors are applied on the different parts of the fabric. 

Difference between Dyeing and Printing!

At first glance, the process of dyeing and printing seem similar. In an appropriately printed fabric, the colors are usually affixed to the fiber. This is done to avoid any effect while washing or friction. Dyeing is also similar to printing but it involves dyeing the entire fabric with one color. While in printing, repeated patterns are printed on a certain part or all over the fabric.

Old Era of Printing!

In the 19th century, ink-jet printers were available for a variety of paper printing applications. The technology has progressed with time. It is developing so rapidly that now there are many big companies which have started manufacturing specialized digital printing machines. These machines can ease off a variety of substrates- from paper to canvas, to vinyl or fabric. This is how digital printing on fabric started.
Digital fabric Printing

Digital Printing on Fabric!

Digital fabric printing is known as the act of printing digital files onto fabric which is done by using ink jet based printers. Digital printing is a new process that includes printing a design, an image or a pattern directly from the computer onto the required media. It is done using a large format printing machine or an ink-jet printer.
There are two successful methods of digital printing; sublimation digital printing and direct digital printing. The technology behind both is same but the media and the process vary in both methods.
Digital fabric Printing

Future of Digital Printing!

When it comes to digital fabric printing Indiait seems to have a great future due to a number of benefits associated with it. Let’s have a look at the factors which make it a wonderful business for future.

Print on Demand

Yes, you can print on demand because today customers have their specific choices. They may come up with an idea of style or design they want to be printed on their fabrics. The best part of such printing is that you can print as small or huge depending on the needs of the customers. 

Low Startup Cost

Digital printing is a low cost start up. It demands less operational cost. You don’t need to have the entire setup for the same. Just a computer and the digital printing machines will do. Besides, you must have the knowledge to deal with customized design to get more customers.

Less Operational Space

Since digital printing does not require a huge setup, it can do well with less operational space. You can easily set up in a small area and ensure to work smoothly. Owing to this benefit, digital printing has helped many businesses to save on space cost.

Quality of Printing

This is the best benefit of digital printing. It offers high printing accuracy and sharp printing that delight your customers at first glance. Keeping pace with the technology is necessary but the quality is one thing that cannot be compromised at any stage of your business. So, it ensures the quality of printing. Digital Fabric Printing India is a new age business that has been progressing by leaps and bounds. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Digital Textile Printing-Then and Now!

Gone are the days when digital designs were considered to be impossible! Now they are available in a plethora of colors and types. Digital textile printing has successfully met the design concepts of individual fashion.

Role of Different Technologies in Printing!

Novel techniques used in textile printing have created a number of new opportunities in business. As technology progressed in the process of printing, color inkjet printers were largely used for printing the fabric. Making the most of the advantages of the digital printing, the process wonderfully fulfills the printing requirements on textiles and garments. The process involves using an inkjet print coupled with fabric sheets along with a removable paper backing. Special textile inks are used to print on textile directly which is then are absorbed by the fibers.
There are numerous types of digital printing technology popular in the market today. These include:
  • Thermal DOD Ink Jet
  • Piezoelectric DOD Ink Jet
  • Electrostatic (sublimation & resin)
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Airbrush/Valve Jet
  • Photographic Development
  • Electro Photography (Laser, LED)
  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ)

Understanding the Process!

Digital textile printing has proved to be an amazing reflection of artwork with a right amalgamation of elegant and classic view. The process involves printing designs on fabrics right from the computer without any sources. It helps in changing the color and design easily and offers a majority of the printed textiles. The process needs less water, dyes and thus proves to be eco- friendly.
Due to the evolvement in the digital printing process, it offers numerous choices of designs that can be printed on fabric. Even if you wish to get the family photos printed on fabric, you can make it possible too. The art of such printing has largely influenced both the process and style of textile printing. This new age printing has re-aligned the traditional printing process with technological advancement and innovation.
Digital Textile Printing

Variety of Fabrics Used!

The fabric is basically a three-dimensional structure. The ink and hues may vary to a greater extent. Though it has few practical limitations exist on the fabrics which make it slow and little expensive yet adopting this method ensures reducing sampling costs and time.
A recent research revealed that cotton is the most used fabric for this type of printing. Cotton is followed by a mix of polyester and cotton. Other types of fabrics like silk, wool, and polyacrylic also play a minor role. Cotton is used because of its good wash ability. While using dark fabrics, a special pre-treatment is required to make the ink hold well with the fabric which takes place prior to printing.
Digital Textile Printing - AM Printex

Business Opportunity and Benefits!

Digital textile printing has opened new doors for business in quest of new markets. Customers of today are more demanding with their specialized choices associated with design, style and color combinations. The business eases off with quick turn-around, flexible efficient setup, economic and speed.
The main benefit of the process is various color applications by means of latest printers as well as software applications. Recent concepts of shadow, blurring, shimmering and layering are also possible through this kind of digital printing. This new age printing is continuously gaining popularity across the world.